Video Production

With over 10 years industry experience in filmmaking and video production, we really know how to make a high end video production. Diversity it what separates us from the rest, we have worked with some of the worlds biggest brands but in completely different markets, from online web series's gaining over 1,000,000 views for a hard to please core surf audience to artistic BMW campaigns with casts and dialogue. From location, lighting, lenses on the camera, silky smooth tracking shots to post-production, we take meticulous care over every detail to ensure the most stunning captivating results.

Film Crew- For us its all about keeping our quality of production a cut above the rest, we constantly growing and aren’t happy unless every production is better than the last. Were competitive with ourselves so that our clients get the best results. For every video project we have the very best crew and the latest equipment at our fingertips.

Equipment- We like to think of ourselves as cutting edge, always staying fresh with the latest high tech equipment so that our videos are not only carefully thought out, artistic pieces but they are shot and edited with the best kit and stunning quality. Our Kit list boasts up to 4k cinematic picture and Slow motion frame rates up to 800fps, Prime lenses, 3 Axis motorised gimbal steadycams, Drone and Aerial filming up to 4K, DSLR’s and not to mention all the tracks, jibs, lighting and sound.

Directing- Every shot matters! Thats our ethos, thats why when we direct a film whether its a 15 minute movie with a long list of scenes or just an interview we make sure that every shot is filmed and lit the best way we can see using the right camera, lens, tracking kit, lighting and sound recording equipment

Post-Production- This is where the magic happens, your video comes alive by the creative minds in the edit. The little things like the sound of footsteps or the dramatic soundtrack that you don’t really notice at the time of viewing but without it the movie just hasn’t got the same impact!