Corporate Videos


A corporate video is the easiest way to get your message across. We can produce corporate interviews with key personnel or customer testimonials so that the video presents for you!

Our corporate videos have been designed to produce polished, cost-effective videos with a minimum of fuss.

These day's the common trend is that 'you need a video' whilst this is true what a lot of people fail to understand is that you need a GOOD corporate video which will be a fantastic representation of what you have to offer. Having a badly made corporate video can be damaging to your business, leaving viewers feel that if they can produce such a cheap looking corporate video then surely everything else they do is low quality.

We only use the very best video camera equipment, we own many beautiful cinema cameras capable of capturing 5 & 6K footage, this means we can to multi-camera interviews on our motorized tracking slider, gimbals for longer shots and stunning lighting and top quality microphones.

Once the shoot is over, its back to the edit suite in Swansea, South Wales to bring it to life, we then upload to our video server under password so you can view and review. Once your happy we can then simply email the video to you to download or if you need it we can host it for you via our video pages so you can simply embed to your website and share via social networking. We know that speaking in front of camera isn’t easy so If your feeling a little uncomfortable then we can provide trained actors and professional voiceover artists to help get your message across. To successfully communicate your values, culture and brand identity, a professional corporate video is vitally important when it comes to getting your message across. It doesn’t need to be a dull, boring video, either. Our high end production values make sure viewers are kept engaged and informed throughout your video, without switching it off. Whether it be for internal presentations or external promotions we carefully put together a video that best represents the passion, quality and ethos of your brand.

All of this means your corporate video will stand out from the rest!