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Video Production Swansea

Video production can be one of the most important aspects as part of your Swansea business strategy for two reasons; video is engaging and, more importantly, video is persuasive. At Rediscover Media we pride ourselves on creating powerful and thought-provoking films that captivate the viewers; your Swansea customers. Check out some of the Oldwalls collection promotional video production filmed on the Gower in Swansea.

People gain a better understanding of a product or service if they have someone or something visual to explain it. A Swansea video production helps quickly explain what your Swansea business can do for them and why they should choose you over other competing companies. Generate interest in your product with a Swansea video production from Rediscover Media. Videos grab the audiences attention immediately unlike other traditional text and image media, and holds their attention long enough to convert from potential to a current customer. Video also allows you to immediately showcase your personality which helps you connect with your Swansea customers. This is particularly important as it encourages their repeat custom.

For location video production shoots we come to you fully prepared - with cameras, lighting, sound equipment and what ever else is needed. We work with you before hand to fully understand what exactly you want and what you hope to achieve from the video, then just sit back and watch the magic happen!

Getting your video production in Swansea doesn't mean you have to settle for a low quality production we strive to make fresh, original videos and films so that each video works for you and is something that you can be truly proud of!

There are many ways to film around Swansea from studio space, to a location of your choice or picking any one of Swansea’s beautiful scenic attractions such as Swansea Marina, Swansea Bay and Swansea City Centre or going slightly further afield and utilising the stunning Gower peninsular with its miles of beautiful beaches and tranquil villages.

Here are some great filming locations around Swansea for video production:

Swansea City Video Production

Swansea market is a hot bed of welsh culture, with an abundance of independent traders from cockle pickers to Welsh Cake makers. This can be a great place to film to get a real feel of traditional Wales.

Swansea Marina Video Production

Swansea Marina provides many options with the SA1 development all on the beautiful Swansea Bay. We have filmed many times around here such as opening scenes for the Oldwalls Advert ‘Get me to the altar’ being filmed at the penthouse of the tower, just below the Grape and Olive bar/restaurant where we had the ‘groom’ getting dressed and walking through his penthouse. We have also filmed a series of promotional videos for Quay Three bar and restaurant which is located on the marina waterfront at the bottom of the tower. For this we used several aerial drone shots to showcase the beautiful area and location of the bar cut between some sexy food creation footage and some atmospheric video on the bar/restaurants opening weekend. The Quay Three video got over 4’000 organic views online and hundreds of positive comments in just 24 hours of its release and the Oldwalls adverts has reached over 250,000 views, news paper praise and has got Hollywood directors' attention since its launch. 

Mumbles Video Production

Mumbles is a fantastic place to make a video production. It has many iconic landmarks such as Oytsermouth Castle, Mumbles Lighthouse, Mumbles Pier and just the beauty and character that is Mumbles village. Our client Stephanie Allin is based here and the fact that their make all their prestigious international dresses in this sleepy little fishing town is something that their customers cherish.

The Gower Video Production

The Gower peninsular is one of the UK’s most beautiful areas and an area which we love to film. This beautiful coastline and tiny villages has featured in many of our videos to date. The most obvious exposure has been in the Oldwalls ‘get me to the altar’ video where we had a film with narrative but most shots were subtly showing the beauty of Gower such as Skydiving groomsmen flying through the sky with the full peninsular as the backdrop, bridesmaids sipping champagne on a sports boat cruising past Oxwich and Three Cliffs, the groom racing across North Gower in an Aton Martin and finally the vicar motoring over the worms head and Rhossili in a Gyrocopter.

Other videos where we have made a video production on Gower is for the Welcome to Town pub in Llanridian and also a series of videos for Premier Leisure Parks where we wanted to showcase just how beautiful different parts of the Gower are where each caravan park is. This consisted of featuring Oxwich bay in all its glory, so in the peak of summer we chose a day with a high tide first thing in the morning, no wind and wall to wall sunshine where we began to film all that makes Oxwich beautiful with holiday goers and waterspouts fanatics enjoying the bay, families visiting the castle and also enjoying walking down to Slade bay and Horton and Port Eynon beach. This was all mixed between some beautiful caravan park aerial and ground filming showing just what you get when you visit.

Whiteford Bay was the other caravan park located just outside of the quaint village of Llanmadoc on the North Gower coast. For this park video we focused on filming at Whiteford bay and lighthouse, Rhosilli and Worms head and Llanmadoc. One thing that stood out in the video was that we were able to film a beautiful sunset over the sea drone shot to finish the movie in the most idyllic way.

We believe Wales deserves better! We are a full service video production company offering high quality video production services at affordable prices.