Ultrabooth Behind the Scenes

The Ultrabooth Video!

This project had been in the pipeline for months, Leighton Brookfield (Ultrabooth Director) was simple when asked what he wanted….. Just do what you always do, Something original and epic please!

Luckily epic is what we like to deliver, so we created an idea which would accompany all that the company offers and also show the type of personality the business has.

The vision for this video was to show that when Ultrabooth is involved in your party, wedding etc. then there are no limits to the fun that can be had.

We filmed the video over 2 days, the first being at Whiteford bay Caravan park, Gower, Swansea who very generously allowed us to come and film our beach scenes on their land.

Crew for this day was Tim Davies shooting & directing, Jordan Davies assistant director, Roxy Cuenca script supervisor and Alex Rees & Chris Allan aerial filming.

Tom Fisher (pictured) was our main lead in the video, who reluctantly would have to end up throwing champagne all over himself alone in a field wearing nothing but white pants and a horses head! Filming for this was tricky as everything we filmed would then be put in reverse so filming in order and keeping the camera moving was key.

The second section and finale of the video was filmed at Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli where we had a host evening guests, dressed to impress and wearing the rubber mask of their choice.

On hand was Tim Davies shooting/directing, Jordan Davies Assistant director and Georgia Manning producing and organising cast.

All the Ultrabooth crew worked tirelessly all day to setup and dress the area to how we needed it but once it was ready everyone put the rubber masks on, drank, danced and enjoyed an entertaining evening whilst a film crew ran around with cameras herding them like cattle to the next scene.

And here is the video if you haven't seen it www.vimeo.com/186228120

If you have an event your planning then do yourself a favour and go to www.ultrabooth.co.uk #ultraboothparty

Video by Rediscover Media