Welsh Brew Tea: Surfer

Here is the first of a 3 part video campaign for Welsh Brew Tea.

This video production was filmed at Rhossili bay, Gower, Swansea in South Wales.

We wanted to make something typically welsh, as well lets face it it's Welsh Brew Tea!

And one thing Wales is famous for is its rain! So seeing as there's so much rain, we must make a good cuppa especially when accompanied with a good tea bag!

Our Video campiagn is all revolved around the rain and the fact that in Wales we have to just embrace it and get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Its funny, it rains all the time but as soon as you plan a video campaign around the rain it stops raining. So with our eyes on the weather forecasts we finally found a wet, windy day with some surf for us to film the video. 

We managed to get consent from a land owner which gave us our setting for our van shots

We also have a competition running with this campaign where you stand the chance of winning a holiday.


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