Greenways of Gower

Here is the first of the Video's we have done for Premier Leisure Parks.

This Video Production is for Greenways of Gower, based at Oxwich beach, Swansea, South Wales.

We wanted to create a video which showcased how beautiful Oxwich and Gower is and how its a holiday hot spot (when the sun shines)

This was a 2 day shoot and we had to keep our eyes glued on the weather charts to try and get the right days, I mean its the UK and we are looking for sunshine and no wind, its rare!

The opening shots of the Sup's was at 6am, there was noone around, high tide, it was completly still and one of those rare hot days! 

We also planned on filming inside Owich castle with the drone but Cadw needed more time and paperwork so we had to settle for filming outside, but still looked great with the sun peaking through.

Please check out their website